Car Crushing Destruction as you drive a real tank on this open course.
You drive our FV433 ABBOT and FV432 through the woods. More action more surprises.

Double Car Crush – double the destruction!

Smash a trailer home with our FV432 APC tank, Mobile Home Mayhem!

Shoot 10 guns ranging from WWI to Current.
Pistols, machine guns, sub machine guns, sniper rifles and .50 cal Barrett sniper rifle.

Wear military Army Combat Uniform (ACU’s).

Includes lunch in our “luxury” concrete bunker in the woods.

This “gourmet” lunch is what the troops eat Meal Ready to Eat (MRE).

Get the real experience of eating an MRE out of a bag, cooked on a MRE heater, in the woods, in a cement bunker while wearing an ACU…just like our troops do it!


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