Las Vegas VIP Dune Buggy Baja Package

Arranged for those who are accustomed to the finer things in life, we’ve designed the VIP Dune Buggy Baja. While you’ll still get to charge through the desert at a frantic pace in our custom fabricated desert racers, you’ll also get some extra amenities not offered on our standard packages.
VIP clients will receive:
  • A Private transportation: Your party will have a private transportation straight from your resort to our facility, meaning there will be no stops at other resorts and none of our other clients will be sharing the private transportation ride with you.
  • A Private guide: While we keep the group sizes small for the best experience, VIP clients will have their own guide, even if only one buggy is booked.
  • Tour of the Fabrication Facility: You’ll get to see behind the scenes where we custom fabricate our own off road machines. Each Hi Performance Baja Dune Buggy is custom fabricated to our exacting specifications  of Hi Performance Sand Spitting, Side Spinning rooster tails. (no pictures please)
  • New Helmets and goggles: While we currently use a special process to disinfect our helmets after each use to insure sanitary conditions, VIP clients will get brand new, never been worn helmets and goggles for use on your adventure. A Helmet can only be brand new exactly once, VIP level clients get the luxury of first run. Due to the constant smile on your face, we use full face race helmets to help keep the sand and bugs out of your teeth!
  • Pre-Paid Gratuity: Our private transportation drivers and Desert Guides are already taken care of, so they can take care of you. When you’re an VIP client your your Concierge support crew will actually get extra compensation to ensure that you receive the highest level of service.
All of our clients go home a little richer with memories that will last a lifetime. For those who insist on a unique experience, your Concierge has the resources to provide the VIP level of service that you’re accustomed to.

This is a 90 minute adventure, 4 hour total trip time hotel to hotel. Beverages are included.

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Las Vegas VIP Dune Buggy Baja Package

About the VIP Dune Buggy Baja:
By far our most popular Adventure in the Las Vegas area is the Dune Buggy Baja. The Dune Buggy Baja is 15,000 awesome acres of varied desert terrain right on the edge of Las Vegas only 20 minutes from the strip consisting of dunes,

gravel, hard pack, hills, valleys, washed out creek beds, and trails running every direction. This area is very technical and challenging with lots of tight and twisty trails. Our Mini Baja is blacked out on occasion due to the fact that the same area is used by several off-road racing organizations such as SNORE, SCORE, MRAN, and Best in the Desert.

This is our most advanced run. It is fast-paced and not tailored for the weak at heart. During your adventure you will travel somewhere between 20 and 35 miles over what is described as very aggressive and challenging terrain. This is not a roller coaster ride-if you aim at the big rocks you will probably hit them. You are required to wear a full face helmet and a 4- point harness at all times on the course. We generally take 1 and 2 seat buggies on this tour. The buggies are agile, and built right here in our garage specially to perform out here in the rough, tough high desert and dunes terrain. While our custom buggies are expert at taming this type of terrain you need not be as they’re easy to drive with only gas, brake, and steering just like your automatic car.

There’s NO SPEED LIMIT on the Dune Buggy Baja!!! This is not a slow paced sightseeing tour. Your job will be to chase one of our expert Buggy Instructors, and the only thing that will slow our instructor down is if he’s waiting for you to catch up. Don’t feel intimidated by the ease at which our Dunies wrangle the buggies, because at your Concierge you’re in the drivers seat so it’s just as intense as you make it. Come take a ride that you won’t soon forget. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!!