lamborghini murcielago

The Lamborghini Murcielago is the undisputed king of exotic cars. With its iconic ‘scissor doors’ that reach skyward when opened, it defines a class of cars that untold numbers around the world lust for. Its awe-inspiring looks and performance are timeless.

Lamborghini’s flagship Murcielago is a 580hp V12 behemoth. Its massive engine roars to nearly 8000 rpm and can shuttle the car to 205mph effortlessly. The Formula 1-inspired E.gear transmission makes shifts smooth and solid. And an electronically-adjustable suspension instantly switches from ‘comfort’ (if you can call it that) to ‘race’ modes at the touch of a button. It even features a hydraulic lift system to help edge the nose up those steep driveways.

This is one driving experience you will never, ever forget!