porsche twin turbo

Power. Torque. Acceleration. All in plentiful supply. Nothing else can match that energy – except the car’s design. A single glance is all it takes to realize that fact.

The most impressive view is the one that others will see most of all: the rear. The fixed rear wing with integral lip spoiler ensures optimum stability at speed.

As the car accelerates and you’re pressed into your seat, air is forced through the intake openings on the rear wing uprights and into the engine turbocharging system. This ‘ram air’ effect has a key role to play in the exceptional efficiency of the engine. Since air is already being forced into the turbos, there is less resistance from the compressors and therefore less back-pressure in the exhaust, which means greater engine performance.

The six-cylinder twin-turbo boxer engine is a compact unit offering excellent cylinder charging and torque-curve characteristics as well as first-rate balance with minimal vibration. The flat-six design allows a low center of gravity with resulting advantages for traction and driving dynamics. The exhaust system on the 911 GT2 produces a warm, deep and bass-rich sound – even when the engine is idling.

The cylinder heads are made from an extremely heat-resistant lightweight alloy. Each cylinder bank has two overhead camshafts driving a set of four valves (two inlet and two exhaust) on each individual cylinder. The valves are arranged in a V formation and have a highly efficient dual-spring closing action enabling higher engine speeds. Performance is enhanced with the aid of both Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) and VarioCam Plus (variable valve timing and lift on the inlet side).

The benefits are not only greater power and torque, but also better fuel economy and lower emissions.