Ah yes, it is time to charter a private jet.
If you have chartered a private jet before, you know that it is a bit scarey. You talk to people you know, you search the web…then…it just feels you are going around in circles.
Is it worth it?
How do I know if they are safe?
Will they just take my money?
Do I order food?
Why would I deal with a concierge?
What is an “empty leg” charter?

On thing that needs to be understood – a middle man, sometimes referred to as a concierge, can very easily be skipped. Generally the middle man merely passes your information on to the jet charter company. YET, especially if it is your first time, they can be a nice safety blanket. They can clarify what is included, get you transportation at one or both ends. They can get you hotel and exclusive dinner reservations. So…even though “we” generally don’t want to pay a middle man, if they are contributing value, then, well, there may just be some value added for you.

Now that you are “on board” with chartering a jet, you need to get a few things together and understand some of the terminology.
The basics you’ll need to know about a jet charter are:
Dates of use
City pairs (city leaving and arriving)
Number of passengers

One of the great things about chartering a jet is you can avoid the big airports.  This can greatly simplify life.  When planning, you not only want to know the city pairs, but you want to have an understanding of whether a smaller airport near your location may be a better place to land.

How you answer these questions will then determine what size the private jet you charter will be.

Also, just to be clear…to “charter a jet” is a fairly generic term.

It could mean you are chartering a King Air which is a twin engine “turbo prop”. Yes it has jet engines, but they drive propellers.

Or, you may be offered a Pilatus which is a single engine turbo prop.

Both of these are great aircraft to charter, but we want to make sure you have a solid grasp of the possibilities.

Again, both of these are great, capable aircraft, just realize they are not “jets” as many expect them to be.
Jet Charter Review