aerobatic plane ride

A Breathtaking Stunt Plane Experience

The only FAA certified two seat aerobatic aircraft that can pull up to 12 G’s. Made almost completely of High tech carbon fiber. Fighter canopy allows superb visibility in every attitude. Finger tip control pressure makes the flying effortless. This two seat, state of the art aircraft, is fully certified up to 12 Gs and has the unbelievable roll rate of 360 degrees per second. Climb into the cockpit of the worlds most successful two seat, certified, unlimited aerobatic aircraft. For pure power, handling and performance, nothing matches the EXTRA 300L. Experience unlimited class aerobatic maneuvers such as tailslides, vertical snap and hesitation rolls, hammerheads, spins, knife edge and inverted flight. Satisfaction is guaranteed. You have probably seen these figures flown at air shows, now you can experience them for yourself. This once in a lifetime adventure flight is an adrenalin filled aerobatic experience, if all you want to do is a loop and a roll then this flight is NOT for you. You will experience up to a maximum of 12 positive Gs during your flight. Your pilot will talk you through all of the maneuvers as they are flown and constantly monitor your comfort level to ensure that you experience the greatest thrill possible. Limousine transportation is included and you will get a choice between a 15 minute flight or 40 minute flight.

Stunt Plane Package Additions

Both additions to the Stunt Plane Experience are after the stunt plane ride:

Additional Item 1: Stunt Plane flight then Jet Helicopter pickup at stunt plane then fly at 200ft over the beautiful Florida coastline over the breathtaking crystal clear blue ocean of the Florida keys landing in Key Largo at Gus’s Grill for lunch seaside. Helicopter ride back, limousine ride home

Additional Item 2: after stunt plane ride helicopter south over the Florida Keys to Marathon Private Airport, incredible views from helicopter {see sharks, stingrays etc..} limousine to shore station to meet private island boat for transfer to island for an Oceanside/sunset dinner. The table is right in the sand surrounded by fiery tikki torches & baby key deer visiting your table for a little snack {you won’t believe it}! Return by helicopter and limousine home.